How to Find Perfect Difficulty Level for your FlowRow Board?

How to Find Perfect Difficulty Level for your FlowRow Board?

Why does the FlowRow Board come in different difficulty levels at all? Could not everyone train with the same level of difficulty?

In sport we distinguish between external load and perceived exertion. The external load is the same for everyone, but the perceived exertion is your individual and subjective perception of the load.

With the FlowRow Board, this perceived exertion depends not only on the difficulty of the board, but also on your sense of balance and your body weight. If you are heavier, the same board will feel wobblier than for a lighter person.

Why is your subjective feeling of exertion so important?

If you underload yourself, you will not make much progress and you will not enjoy your training. If you overstrain yourself, you will also not make good progress. And who enjoys being overstrained?

The ideal FlowRow training feels challenging to somewhat difficult. Then you will enjoy the training the most and improve your balance, coordination and deep muscles the fastest and most effectively.

Mihály Csíkszentmihályi is considered the best-known scientist in the field of the flow experience. He has found out that you have to find your load challenging to somewhat difficult in order to experience flow.

But how do you find the right FlowRow board to achieve optimal training progress and get into the flow?

In our shop there is a table that will help you find the right difficulty level for you. In addition, with every FlowRow board you buy from our shop you will receive a number of rubber pads that you can insert into your FlowRow Board to gradually simplify the level of difficulty.

The above table has worked quite well so far and with the great feedback from FlowRow customers we have now improved and simplified the table even further. In addition, based on your feedback, we have introduced an even more stable version, called the FlowRow Board Moderate. Finally, we have adjusted the difficulty levels for the Concept2 so that they are more comparable to the WaterRower.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your valuable feedback.

Your feedback has inspired us to offer a Replacement Kit in the shop, with which you can exchange the elastic centre parts of your boards and thus make the FlowRow Board more flexible or stable. Assembly instructions guide you through the steps to unscrew the existing centre parts and then glue and screw the replacement centre parts. The replacement does not require any manual skills.

But how does the Replacement Kit help you get your perfect FlowRow Board?

If you already own a FlowRow board, please answer the following questions:

  • Does the FlowRow training feel challenging to slightly difficult for you? Then you have already found your perfect FlowRow Board.
  • Does the FlowRow training feel very easy to you? Then you could improve your training with a Replacement Kit with a higher level of difficulty.
  • Does the FlowRow training feel very difficult to you? Do you need all or almost all of the supplied rubber pads for your FlowRow workout? Then you could improve your training with a Replacement Kit with a lower difficulty level.

Not sure if you need one or two levels higher or lower? Then you can also choose a so-called Double Replacement Kit with two replacement difficulty levels.

You bought your FlowRow Board from a retail shop or NOHrD? Then your board has the difficulty level “Training”.

You don’t have a FlowRow board yet, but you’re thinking about buying one and you’re wavering between two or three difficulty levels? In our shop you can also find a combination offer for the FlowRow Board plus Double Replacement Kit. This gives you maximum flexibility.

Feel free to write me what you think. I look forward to your feedback.

Kind regards


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