FlowRow for Studios

Your customers will be impressed!

Reputation of rowing

Rowing is a respected sport and is gaining more and more importance. The positive image among the general population is related to the complexity and versatility of the sport.

Most members of your gym have already had their experience on the rowing machine. However, many quickly lose interest because the training is too monotonous and no or too little progress is achieved.

FlowRow provides a varied training atmosphere and brings the training progress to a new level.

FlowRow choreography

The FlowRow choreography is designed to make learning to row quick and easy. After just one hour, your clients will discover the fun of rowing. Each FlowRow session consists of 6 blocks:

  • 1.Warm-up
  • 2. Core Strength
  • 3. Coordination
  • 4. Flow
  • 5. Dynamics
  • 6. Cool-down & Stretching

Every three months you will receive a completely new FlowRow choreography with new music and new exercises.

New group fitness participants

FlowRow is a new training programme that is different from existing group fitness classes. Already running FlowRow classes have shown that the number of participants in group classes has increased.

You too will gain new members and generate new enthusiasm for group classes.

Engage your members with FlowRow

FlowRow is a great experience for fitness enthusiasts who want to try something new. It's a total package that combines many aspects of exercise and appeals to people with different preferences, such as

  • Whole body training (e.g. pump)
  • Rhythm and movement (e.g. aerobics, dance, Zumba)
  • Physical and mental experience (e.g. Pilates)
  • Dynamic movements (e.g. spinning)
  • Functional training (e.g. TRX)

There is something for everyone!


Learn more about the benefits of FlowRow classes for your studio!

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