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You want to be not only physically but also mentally fit? Then FlowRow is just the right thing for you.

We developed our products and our unique training concept for you to optimize endurance and strength, while improving your posture through balanced deep muscle training and increasing your physical and mental performance.

We invented the FlowRow Board to give you an indoor rowing experience that feels like rowing in a real rowboat. Regardless of your fitness level or physical condition, FlowRow gives you everything you need to achieve your athletic goals and get physically and mentally stronger. It doesn't matter if you've never sat on a rowing machine before or already know how to row properly. You will fall in love with FlowRow!

FlowRow partners with WaterRower, the world leader in home rowing equipment, to bring you the ultimate workout package. Take advantage of our collaboration now and start your best workout!

Our motivating coaches and group fitness classes with infectious music will make your workout an unforgettable experience. After each workout, you'll feel refreshed and invigorated. FlowRow is the perfect workout for anyone looking for a holistic, inspiring and effective workout. Convince yourself now and see why our customers are so enthusiastic about FlowRow!

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FlowRow offers you unique courses and personal training that will strengthen you physically and mentally, and are suitable for all fitness levels. With our coaching approach, you can learn to row in just one hour, even without prior experience. Book a free trial lesson now and see for yourself!

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Gain valuable insights into the world of rowing and discover how FlowRow can help you improve your performance and lead a healthier, happier and more fulfilling life.


23 JAN 2021By Andreas Pirscher

Comparison First Degree Rower vs. WaterRower - with FlowRow Boards


23 JAN 2021By Andreas Pirscher

What makes a great rowing technique?


23 JAN 2021By Andreas Pirscher

How to Find Perfect Difficulty Level for your FlowRow Board?

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Through the coaching with Andreas, I was not only able to improve my rowing technique, but I also learned to row mindfully and to trust my body feeling. This makes rowing even more fun!
Andreas has been with us from the beginning of our Pacific crossing project, and I am thrilled with his rowing coaching skills and the quality of his training.
My teammates are also enthusiastic about his ability to address our individual needs and thus motivate us to achieve our ambitious goals. We appreciate Andreas' professional and friendly manner as well as his technical expertise and many years of experience as a rowing coach.
The FlowRow Studio offers an ideal environment for rowing training and is equipped with modern machines that enable effective and varied training. I find the atmosphere very pleasant and motivating.
Overall, I can say that Andreas offers a high level of professionalism, expertise and customer satisfaction as a rowing coach and fitness trainer. I can therefore recommend him to anyone who is looking for a competent and motivating trainer to achieve their fitness goals.
What I like about Andreas' way of coaching is that his approach to training is to explain a process the way it feels. From the beginning, Andreas gave me the feeling that he believed in me and that we could reach a goal together.
For me as an active senior, the regular participation in the FlowRow course with Andreas is an important contribution to maintaining and expanding my fitness. In the team I appreciate the friendly atmosphere and the good mood.
I like the FlowRow trainings a lot! The trainings are structured in such a way that makes it easy to stay focused and make the best out of each exercise. Even though each one of us has their own rowing machine, the training setup has the dynamic feel of a group, which naturally helps to inspire and motivate. The training is led by Andreas who is a very professional and supportive trainer, his knowledge, experience, and passion are unique and admirable. Although I have never rowed before, Andreas’ instructions enabled me to quickly learn the basics and enjoy the benefit of the full body training that rowing brings in a fully enjoyable environment. I absolutely recommend Andreas’ classes.
Andreas is our coach, the coach of the WISE SWISS ROWERS who will participate in the 'Pacific Challenge 2024', a non-stop rowing race from California over 4,500 km to Hawaii. As a professional rowing and fitness coach, Andreas trains us both on the water and in the studio. Through targeted exercises on the WaterRower in the FlowRow Studio, we not only refine our rowing technique, but also improve our fitness and strengthen body and mind. Andreas responds excellently to the individual needs of each participant and always puts together a very effective and challenging program. The FlowRow training in combination with the FlowRow Board developed by Andreas is a lot of fun and strengthens the back and mind. I can recommend FlowRow to anyone looking for an effective, holistic, and challenging fitness and/or rowing workout.
Thank you very much for the time you invest for us women as a coach. You have a lot of patience with us. Your instructions and explanations are motivating and easy to understand and I can usually implement them well. Your way of addressing our weak points through positive feedback helps me a lot. Rowing is much more fun that way. The fact that a women's eight has established itself in the club is also a great achievement of yours. Thank you!
Andreas is a coach with heart and soul. Through his coaching style, I perceive my body and rowing technique better and can continuously improve. It's fun, thank you Andreas!
Thanks to your support, Andreas, we were able to raise our technique and performance to new heights in the past weeks and prepare ourselves optimally for the long-distance race in Thalwil. Thank you very much for that. You made our eight fly!
Thank you for your time, your effort, and your motivation. Thank you for never ever giving up on me, even when I wanted to give up on myself. Thank you for pushing me to do better, even when I didn't think I could. Thank you for being the kind of coach that makes people want to be part of the team. Most of all, thank you coach, for making me a better person, both on and off the field. Your efforts have made me a better rower. Thank you for the time you invested in the team, I hope I can make you proud. ????
It is very impressive how Andreas, with his fine, targeted interventions, helps the whole team as well as each rower individually to progress within a short time. I look forward to every single training session and feel many positive effects - in the rowing technique, the general fitness, the mindset, and the great team spirit.
As a former rower, I came across FlowRow through Andreas. It's incredibly fun, and the entire body gets trained. The group workout makes the training go by quickly. FlowRow training motivated me to start rowing again on the Limmat river. Thanks to Andreas' super-professional coaching skills, I made huge progress and regained a lot of enjoyment in rowing. And that's in a great women's eight team that Andreas coaches regularly, with a well-thought-out training plan and regatta goals. And you know what? Many of the coaching tips can also be applied in daily life, which is a wonderful side effect. Thank you, Andreas! Coaching with Andreas is worth it, whether on the water or on the WaterRower!
FlowRow is fun, FlowRow makes you fit, time passes without you noticing, FlowRow challenges and encourages, FlowRow's music is great, FlowRow is varied, Andreas motivates and infects you with his laughter - his professional tips help you to constantly improve. A perfect weekly ritual that I can't imagine doing without! :-) Thanks for all the sporty hours with you in the studio!
We were looking for a rowing coach in the early summer of 2022 to teach us how to row within 2 years. Because we, a team of pensioners called WISE SWISS ROWERS, intend to row across the Pacific in June 2024.
With over 1 million rowing strokes (per person) from California to Hawaii, it is essential to be economical with our energy and to row as economically as possible. Andreas introduced us deeply into the technique of rowing in his studio, in the gym and on the water. With a lot of expertise, with great dedication, with empathy and with a huge wealth of experience also as a coach of rowers preparing for major championships. For us, Andreas is a hit - as a rowing trainer, as a coach and as a friend.
Andreas brings great passion and extensive experience into his trainings. His continuous communication with participants throughout the trainings is key in keeping me motivated. I love it!
Recipe for successful rowing training as well as for increasing fitness on the WaterRower ergometer.
Take an animating, warm smile, an energetic handshake, and a sincere welcome. Because training should be fun. Joy in the intensive movement, joy in the progress that can be felt after just a few participations.
Let's take the ingredients: Andreas has not only rowed masterfully himself and still loves the sport today, but he has also coached talented rowers up to Olympic level. He is more than a trainer, he is a coach in the holistic sense, a promoter at all levels. He looks closely, analyses, and develops tailor-made training plans. For him, training on the water, in the team rowing boat, is much more than giving commands - as I experienced it in my youth. That is his idea of professionalism: motivate, motivate, motivate. Movement sequences are practiced in a very structured way until they are internalized. "You're doing it wrong", you'll wait in vain for such a saying, but "feel" the oar blade in the water, the tension in your shoulders. "Enjoy the relaxation" after the powerful pull-through, this results in efficient rowing that is a joy.
Andreas uses the elements of rowing training one-to-one for his FlowRow workouts. Coordination, core stability as well as intensive use of strength are practiced in a varied, almost entertaining way, skillfully enforced with suitable rhythmic music. Andreas encourages you to control the intensity of the exercise yourself. After the cool down you see sweaty, satisfied faces. Yes, it was fun again!
Wow, what a workout! 😊
On the one hand, it's a good workout that builds strength and endurance and doesn't stress my joints.
Over time, you learn the rowing technique well and I now have a nice flow when rowing.
Andreas gives great tips on how to row better and is very attentive to see and correct mistakes.
The training is beneficial at every level (from amateur to professional) and is therefore highly recommended!
By chance I came across the FlowRow courses with Andreas about 3 months ago and since then I have been going to the training every week full of enthusiasm. For me, the classes with Andreas are the perfect mix of challenging training and pure fun with movement. The workouts are versatile and very well thought out and Andreas knows how to respond to the abilities and needs of the individual participants, giving specific suggestions and feedback. You can feel that Andreas loves rowing and teaching, and he enjoys passing on his knowledge and enthusiasm to the group. Andreas' statement "happy rowing" perfectly reflects the training with him for me. It encourages me to row with a smile on my face and I take this positive attitude and good mood into my everyday life every time.
I am thrilled with my new FlowRow rowing machine! It is just fun to row with it: You hear the water rushing and it rocks a bit like on real water, you can indulge your thoughts, watch the clouds and meditate, but of course you can also exercise with full power and music! Besides, it looks very nice, so it fits in every room, and what I also appreciate - it doesn't need electricity!

Andreas as trainer and coach leads us weekly through a varied hour, which is a lot of fun and joy for everyone and lets us go home satisfied. My tip: go there and try it out!
Dear Andreas,
I use this mail, simply to thank you. Since I row with your board (and now very sophisticated soft dampers) daily for now probably well over 2 years my one hour (and there plus-minus 12km), I feel (72 years) almost physically as in school days when I rowed "properly". I am convinced the balance exercise has an immense part in this body feeling.

I have recommended the WaterRower and your board to many people. Some of them have taken it up. To their good fortune.

Thank you very much
Without any lengthy set-up, I put my rower directly on the new FlowRow boards. From the beginning it worked great and there is a whole new rowing feeling on the concept-2. It is relatively stable when at rest, but as soon as you row you really have to sit upright to keep the balance. Slight movements of the toes help to balance the boat (sorry: the concept-2). I find the body feeling amazingly similar to rowing, especially during the pre-roll and in the front reversal of motion. I ordered the board according to the recommended stiffness chart for my body weight and rowing experience; the package includes extra rubber pads to adjust the stiffness. Without the rubber pads, it feels a bit wobbly, and I really have to focus on technical exercises during the workout such as balancing or loose water grabbing. When I add 1 to 2 rubber pads per side, I find the stiffness suits a longer workout and the difference with the regular rower is that I improve my body control during the workout. It's a great add-on to the concept-2 rower and it's fun to work out with.
In a very short time, Andreas has managed to turn a heterogeneous group of women into a wonderfully functioning eight rowing team. Using clear and vivid language, he helps us to develop a strong sense of body awareness, our own understanding of movement sequences and mutual trust within the team.
Get into flow in a relaxed way: I have experienced FlowRow as a holistic training for body and mind. Tension and relaxation alternate constantly. Andreas ensures that this is the case by guiding the training in a needs-oriented way with charm and a lot of know-how. Andreas' many years of enthusiasm and professional involvement with this type of movement spills over to the participants so that they can relax and find their own flow.
I am absolutely delighted with the FlowRow Board.
I definitely won't row without the boards again.
I control my balance subconsciously. But when I consciously concentrate on more than just rowing, I notice that my feet are keeping my balance right up to my buttocks. As a result, I actually felt a little sore in my legs and butt the next day.

I bought the WaterRower 8 years ago, after I had somewhat recovered from a slipped disc. The rowing machine helped me a lot. As I also play tennis, I usually wake up in the morning with minor back pain, which disappears within the next 1-2 hours.

Now that I use the FlowRow Boards every day, the morning pain has disappeared!

I'm really glad that you invented and developed these boards. It feels like a new piece of sports equipment.

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