FlowRow - the innovative full-body workout for better performance and health


What is FlowRow?



With FlowRow, you'll experience a unique training experience that improves endurance, strength, posture and mental fitness.

Our innovative training method combines an authentic rowing experience with musical motivation and varied exercises for the entire body. Whether you're an experienced fitness athlete or a beginner, our efficient and effective workouts are tailored to your personal goals and needs. Experience the benefits of a full-body workout and unleash your full potential for better physical and mental performance with FlowRow.



Do you want to invest in your health? FlowRow can help you do just that. The FlowRow Balance Board ensures that your deep muscles are activated during your workout, effectively preventing back pain.

The rowing machine is simply placed on the balance boards, which means that you have to constantly keep your balance during the workout. The FlowRow Board was developed specifically for our training method and is currently in the patenting process in Europe and the USA. The patent has already been granted in China and Switzerland.

Our inspiring full-body workout provides you with the focus you need to fully concentrate on your workout, giving you the perfect balance to a stressful everyday life.



In Europe and the US, two out of three people feel stressed, almost one-third suffer from lack of sleep, and a third do little or no exercise. The result is frequent problems such as obesity, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, depression, and anxiety that affect life and can lead to health complications.

The FlowRow training was developed not only to improve physical and mental health but also to reduce stress and promote positive flow experiences. It aims to promote a positive attitude towards life and improve physical and mental fitness, which has a positive impact on life energy.

The FlowRow board supports the balanced development of your deep muscles!

FlowRow significantly reduces the likelihood of back pain


Your advantages at a glance

  • Effective and efficient whole body training for better performance and health
  • Improvement of physical and mental fitness
  • Stress reduction and flow experiences
  • Motivating workout that is fun
  • High calorie consumption
  • Large movement amplitudes
  • Balance between tension and relaxation
  • Minimized risk of injury
  • Improved body health
  • Better posture


After only a short time you will notice an impressive training effect. Your posture and the flow of power through your core will improve significantly.

FlowRow is designed so that your body recovers quickly after the session. So nothing stands in the way of your next workout and you quickly reach your training goals.

Body health

The deep muscles of the core stabilize the spine and provide the necessary body tension. Well-trained and balanced deep muscles are crucial for a healthy and pain-free back. At the same time, it reduces the likelihood that back pain will develop due to an incorrect load.

The team of experts

In the following we introduce our team of experts

Andreas Pirscher


As a proven expert, I support people on their way to a happy triangle of performance, health and joy of life.

Over the past 30 years, I have achieved top results as a performance coach in sports and business and have helped my team members achieve peak performance. Sustained peak performance requires that mindset, competencies, and physical and mental health are in alignment.


As a rowing coach, I have led my athletes to German championship titles, world championship titles and a participation in the Olympic Games. I myself was German rowing champion twice

After receiving my doctorate in engineering, I was head of department and division manager in a mechanical engineering company. There I led a development team of 100 engineers. Later I was responsible for a project with 200 employees from Switzerland, Germany, China, India and the USA, which reduced the product costs of a steam turbine by 45%.

2 years ago I founded FlowRow GmbH, which offers innovative fitness, coaching and sports services.

I developed the FlowRow Board, which makes rowing on rowing machines more effective and efficient, providing an authentic rowing experience like being in a rowboat while improving balance and deep muscles.

Patenting for the FlowRow Board is underway in Europe and the United States. The patent has already been granted in Switzerland and China.


Andreas is a former competitive rower, two-time German champion ... and still an enthusiastic regatta rower.

As a rowing coach, he has been successful with his teams at German Championships, World Championships and Olympic Games.

Andreas, who has a PhD in mechanical engineering, has also established himself as a performance coach.
He founded FlowRow in 2021, following a successful career as a mechanical engineering director.

Andreas Pirscher

Founder, Rowing Expert, Coach


Fabian is an expert in health management. He is a passionate course leader and a trainer who teaches others how to lead classes in group fitness and functional training.

With the great and dynamic FlowRow playlist, Fabian gets the participants into a flow. Fabian has a Master's degree in Exercise & Health Sciences and therefore has extensive and scientifically sound knowledge about the physique and psyche of the human body.

Fabian Silveira Quintas

Music Expert, Choreographer


Ute has been a physiotherapist for over 25 years and has her own practice in Nussbaumen, Switzerland.

Ute used to be a successful racing rower (German double sculls champion).

With her excellent knowledge of the connections between correct movement and a healthy musculoskeletal system, Ute ensures that FlowRow participants feel better and healthier after every class.

Ute Pirscher



Stefan is a renowned expert in the fields of logistics, assembly and woodworking.

His expertise ensures that the FlowRow Boards are manufactured to a consistently high quality and arrive promptly to customers worldwide. If, contrary to expectations, there is an imperfection with one of our products, customers can rely on Stefan to personally take care of solving the problem quickly and to their complete satisfaction.


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